A Color on the Rise

Samuel & Sons Trending: Wisteria

Discover elegance and sophistication at Interior Fashions by Housefitters, where design meets exceptional craftsmanship. Our latest blog post spotlights the mesmerizing new palette curated in collaboration with renowned designer Timothy Corrigan for Samuel & Sons.

The Birth of a Trend: Wisteria

With his impeccable taste and innate color sensibility, Timothy Corrigan has worked alongside Samuel & Sons to introduce ‘Bagatelle,’ a breathtaking collection that brings not just quality but visionary design to the world of interior decor. At the heart of this collection lies ‘Wisteria,’ a trendsetting hue that captivates with its subtlety—a new purple shade that effortlessly pairs with warm ivories and fresh leaf greens to create a harmonious visual symphony.

Exquisite Trimmings in the Color of Now

Wisteria by Samuel & Sons has quickly become an on-trend color, finding its way into the palettes of the most discerning designers and homeowners. This timely color reflects a blend of innovation, tradition, and style, making it an instant classic that stands out in any space. Our Interior Fashions by Housefitters showroom is proud to feature this latest trimming offering from Samuel & Sons. It’s more than a color; it’s an experience that transcends the ordinary and invites the eye to linger just a moment longer.

Samuel & Sons Vendor of Interior Fashions by Housefitters

Design Inspiration Behind Wisteria

Drawing inspiration from nature and the timeless landscapes it offers, Wisteria tugs at the strings of creativity and urges designers to be bold, yet thoughtful with their color choices. It’s a homage to the climbing vines of its namesake, emanating a whisper of growth and vitality synonymous with spring—a seamless fit for the current pulse of design.

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